Gay Day of the Dead Mexican Folk Art

Welcome to our site!
My partner and I have been together since 2000.
We have had a domestic partnership,
a civil union, and in 2014 a legal marriage finally.
We are soul mates!


We fell in love with Mexican Folk Art a few years ago and were really drawn to Day of the Dead things. Day of the Dead is a yearly celebration. And I hope, when one of us goes, the other who is left behind, will continue to celebrate life!


For about 3-4 years now, we have been searching for 2 men together. 2 male skeletons. We looked on the internet, we looked in Mexican stores,
and we could find none.

Then while in Maya Riviera, in Playa del Carmen, we found 2 grooms standing on a heart! We were so excited. Then the next day while visiting Xcaret Park, they had an amazing shop full of day of dead items and beautiful Mexican folk art. Although nothing gay on the shelves,
that I could see.

We bought a few little things and just before we left, the owner gave us a gift. She said, “Here, you two must have this”, and she presented me with a little black matchbox sort of coffin and the words Amor Eterno on the top. When I opened it, there were 2 men inside the coffin.


We were thrilled beyond belief.

At this time, gay marriage is only legal
in Mexico City, Mexico.

And while most of the culture is very Catholic, we find Mexican people very accepting in most cases. Puerto Vallarta is not just gay-friendly…
it’s gay inclusive!

Slowly, I think we will see more and more
same sex day of the dead art.

For now, I have been able locate a tiny handful of artisans in Mexico and we have started to import their art, to the United States.

Contact us : 773-878-5323
BestGayCites (at) gmail .com


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