Angel Wired Skeleton

Perfect to celebrate the return of the angelitos, this clay winged angel has wire joints so you can move it around and pose him.

5” tall x 3” wide.     $28  ($2.50 shipping)










Gay Novios Cake Topper

On blue base. Adorable and handsome in their black & white tuxes. Nice bouquet too!

3   1/2″    $29 ($2.50 shipping)









Lesbian Novias Cake Topper

Great gift, anniversary memento, cake topper or gifts for the wedding party.

3  1/2″ high.   $29 ($2.50 shipping)









This adorable  happy couple is leaving for their honeymoon. A wonderfully talented, young folk artist in Puebla made these tin bicycles by hand.  The bicycle is made from soldered metal and the skeletons are clay.


7.25″   wide   x  8″ tall    x  2″  deep

  $79 each (4.50 shipping)-   2 Men
7.25″ wide x 7.5″ high x 2 deep.
$79 each  ($4.50 shipping) – 2 Women







Skeleton Nativity Scene in a Red (Tuna) Can

When you think Mexican food, one doesn’t normally think of tuna!  But the artist’s family has had to eat way too many cans of tuna fish the past couple years in order to get enough cans for these Day of the Dead skeleton nativities.

There’s not much space in a can, but the Holy Family is visited by angels hanging on the walls. Very unusual piece of Mexican Christmas folk art and great gift for the nativity and holiday collector in your life!   3  1/2″ diameter x 1  1/2″ deep”


 $36  ($3.00 shipping)




Skeleton Santa Ornament

Perfect Day of the Dead / Santa  holiday ornament!

Hand-painted. 3″ tall.  $16  ($2.50 shipping)